How to get to my house

Submitted by host on Sun, 04/14/2019 - 17:15

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If you come by train

When you leave the train station ”Appenzell”, please walk along the trees of the small park (around 100 meters or footsteps or just one minute) and continue 100 more meters. Then you find yourself in front of two houses, where the road is leading either to the left or to the right. One of the houses in front of you is called "Zunfthaus zu Appenzell". If you look even more to the right, you will see a beautiful old castle with a garden and walls around it. There is a small road leading slightly downhill along the walls of this castle. Please use this small road. It bends to the left after 50 steps only. There you will see the hairdresser’s store ”Salon B” and next door my bigger yellow house (all this within one minute). In the ground floor of our house is the shop ”evagrøn”. If you’ve walked too far, you would find yourself on a small square with a fountain and with the red town hall and the tourist office in front. If you get lost, you could ask in the tourist office. The entry of our house is on the right hand of the shop window ”evagrøn”. Please pull my historic doorbell hard or call me by phone.

How you can reach us by car

When you reach Appenzell join the direction of "Südquartier".
You may turn left just before crossing the Sitter, if you want to find a parking field for overnight. The square there is called "Brauereiplatz" (brewery square). From there it takes only five minutes to walk to my house. If you have heavy luggage it's better, not to turn left and to continue your trip by car, crossing the river over the bridge (seeing the church on the right side). Turn left after the bridge for 300 meters and then four times to the right (each time after 200 or 300 meters) until you reach the center of the village, where you will see the hairdresser’s store ”Salon Bruno” and next door my bigger yellow house with the shop ”evagrøn” and later the red town hall.


You find blue parking fields before and after my yellow house with the book shop. The blue parking fields allow you to park for 1½ hours (with a time card, which is common in Europe) and to check-in with your luggage. Our entrance is the door on the right side of this book shop.

For longer parking you need to drop your car on other places with white parking fields. They are at "Ziel" and at "Brauereiplatz" mentioned before (the square in front of the brewery) . There is no time limit. Parking between 8am and 6pm cost 1 Swiss Franc per hour or 8 Francs per day. Please collect enough coins before, because the ticket machines don't accept cards nor "paper money". Parking overnight and on Sunday is free. You can walk to our house by crossing the Sitter river over the bridge, going to the right and walk for about 150 meters along the church untill you see the red town hall on the right side. If you look to the left you see the small square and our old yellow house 100 meters opposite of the town hall, behind a fountain.